Chris Wiser from Tech Squad IT, on his latest book, The Tech Multiplier

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Chris discusses the new book with host, David Wolf.


Deduction Snapshot: The Vehicle Deduction

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The IRS allows small business owners and self-employed individuals to write off some of their vehicle expenses used for business as an IRS tax deduction.


Deduction Snapshot: The Home Office Deduction

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The IRS offers a traditional percentage option and a flat-rate home office deduction option for self-employed individuals and small business owners. This deduction can help entrepreneurs keep more of their hard-earned money by writing off business expenses incurred within a home.


Ilya Bodner and The Shipyard

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Ilya discusses the Company’s total End-to-End Customer Acquisition Solution and how they help clients become more effective at the local level.


5 Overlooked Tax Deductions for Small Business Owners

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Bert Seither of 1800Accountant explains 5 commonly overlooked tax deductions that small business owners can claim to reduce their tax bill.


Importance of the Entity Classification Election for LLCs

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Bert Seither is the VP of Operations at 1800Accountant, a national accounting and business consulting firm specializing in small businesses. For over 10 years, Seither has assisted small business owners to help put their companies on a path to prosperity. In the small business landscape, limited liability companies (LLCs) offer a decent amount of much-desired flexibility to their owners. One major choice that LLC owners enjoy is to elect how they wish to have their companies treated by the IRS from a tax perspective. In IRS lingo, this is known as the entity classification election (ECE). Because the tax bill that a business owner receives can be quite hefty, it’s vital to consider all possible taxation treatment options for any business. The IRS can categorize an LLC under a handful of different tax structures.


Tablets: Helping You Conduct Business on the Go

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Today, tablets are everywhere. We’re almost at the point where not having a tablet is weirder than having one.


6 Benefits of Utilizing Mobile Payments in Your Business

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Articles about mobile payments have been sprouting all over the internet like weeds. It seems like you can’t go anywhere online without being sold the benefits of Square or Intuit or PayPal’s mobile card reader.



How Can You Best Manage Your Customer Data?

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As a small business owner, obtaining and storing customer data should be a key aspect of your business. Whether you collect your data online, through transactions, or face-to-face with your customers, collecting customer data can help you gain valuable insight and learn more about your target market.


The new state of small business lending

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Small business lending is changing for good. Unlike the sweeping changes and crashes the banking system underwent six years ago, though, this time things are changing for the better. Crowdlending is poised to reform the funding landscapre for small business owners and entrepreneurs.


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